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Program Information
Class War Battlefield Podcast
Vphiamer Adis Ogaarwa (Host)
 Mahoka Mwako Asili Temple  Contact Contributor
Oct. 7, 2023, midnight
Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2023.00.0C
The GOP's Civil War is less Civil War and More Hostile Takeover by the Dominant Strain of Conservative Republicanism Feeding this Institutional Breakdown
With Clips from The Remix Bros (Song), The Bradcast, All in with Chris Hayes, Roland Martin Unfiltered, Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, The Majority Report,
I owe the idea for this episode to Stuart Stevens. He has mentioned on many occasions the idea that the Dominant Conservative strain within the Republican party wasn’t the more optimistic Reagan-Bushian Compassionate Conservatism (whatever that is) but the more putrid Reagan-Trumpian Fasco-Conservatism. Both heavily rely on Corporations for their marching orders, along with superior marketing strategies (than those used by the democrats) to convince potential voters that their policies will primarily benefit their average lives and not the corporate lobbyists paying them. Paging Frank Luntz. This dominant strain began its hostile takeover several decades ago; officially I think it’ll tell you the takeover began in 1981 with Reagan’s election but I think we have to roll that year back at least one decade to the releasing of the Powell Memo which provided the first corporate playbook for taking the government from “We the People” and placing it under the control of “We the Aristocracy”. But that’s just my opinion. This episode unfolds this strain more significantly. Enjoy,

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2023.00.0D
We Need to Stop Calling Conservatives Radicals, They are Regressives, Extremist and Nihilists
With Clips from The Infographics Show, Billy Joel (Song), The Professional Left Podcast, Hannity, Lee Presson & The Nails (Song), The Bitchuation Room
FULL DISCLOSURE; this episode is the product from a personal pet peeve; the overuse of the word “radical” to describe anything that is not either conventional wisdom – a phrase nearly lost to history – or corporate friendly. I understand why the word is overused, dictionaries offer terribly thin definitions for the word as do encyclopedias which seem to believe any system, concept or idea in opposition to or critical of authoritative Capitalism is radical in orientation (Sigh); nonetheless its overuse still bothers me. If you’ve listened to this podcast this year, or throughout the past four or five years, you will know how often I mention the need to rebrand Conservatives, especially Neocons and today’s Trumpian Conservatives or the Dean labeled Conservatives without consciences; something other than radicals BECAUSE THEY AREN’T RADICALS! After McCarthy’s removal as speaker, I think this fact is undeniable. What are they then? You’ve heard me say it before – Nihilists and Regressives; now though, let’s add Extremists to that list. Why would I call them these things, stay tuned.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2023.00.0E
McCarthy's Institutional Breakdown has been Caught by a Historical Current Begun over 125 years Ago
With Clips from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The Majority Report, Second Thought
Let’s travel back in time to the 1890s, my favorite non-1900s decade. This decade is where I decided the current Neoconservative Nihilist strain began to form. Sure, in other episodes, some still forthcoming, I contend the strain goes back significantly farther, but for the sake of not having to go through those plotlines again, I stuck to this decade for this episode. Why this decade, listen to find out. I didn’t began there though, I first spoke about the shortcomings of the so called “Greatest Generation” (thanks to Tom Brokaw), completely renouncing the idea that they fought and defeated authoritarianism and fascism, two currents which fed not only American-style Capitalism but also the Jim Crow System. After presenting this argument I dive headlong into the history of this strain. Some of the information will sound familiar but much of it is new. Hope you’re ready.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2023.00.0F
A Warning About the Very Near Future
With Clips from The Big think, NBC News, C-Span, Kansas Politics, GBH News, Cliff Jones, Amanpour & Company and The Black Table
From corporate conservatism to authoritarian fascism. SPOILER ALERT, the emergency is, a corporate coup d’tat; the same corporate coup d’tat Ralph Nader diagnosed in 2001. Back then, seeing the processes leading to the usurpation was more than difficult for the average citizen, it was – thanks to lacking information on the subject – nearly impossible. Though, and this must be stated, most grassroot Republicans didn’t deny Bush’s reliance on SCOTUS to hand him the presidency, nor did they try to justify the ceasing of ballot counting in Florida. They, as one might say, took the W and considered the game over with no need to further litigate what transpired during its waning minutes. Today, justification for stealing the 2024 election has taken shape in the minds of many Republicans byway of Biden’s supposed illegitimate occupation of the white house. This justification has led to many people talking about suspending procedural civility, thus passing by personal morality, allowing for the use of extrajudicial and extralegal maneuvers to capture that which they believe was taken from them.
Music Used in the opening, Curtis Mayfield’s Think, Brandy’s The Definition and Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues or Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Really Care About Us.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me at

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