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Program Information
Class War Battlefield Podcast
Vphiamer Adis (Host), Others
 Mahoka Mwako Asili Temple  Contact Contributor
April 8, 2024, midnight
Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2024.05.00
The Future is Really Now, But Some People are Less Ready Than They Think They Are
NEWSFLASH Progressives Have Won the Future
With Clips from Bernie Sanders Youtube Channel, Amanpour and Company, (SONG) John Mellencamp, Democracy Now!, C-SPAN Website, Jim Heath Channel, Clinton Center Youtube Channel, Clinton Library, CNN Youtube Channel, Clinton School Speaks, The Cynical Historian, Thom Hartman Program, Democracy At Work Youtube Channel, Big Think & FDR Library Website
I know it’s been nearly a month since I released my last episode, but there is a good reason for the delay. After catching COVID in February I needed more time to recover, which I have. In returning, I figured I’d start with a good news episode, little did I know during the research process for the audio clip section, would I discover a story bigger than the one I spoke of during the episode (listen to the Note at the end of the episode and then listen to the next episode segment). The good news in this episode segment details how and why Progressives have won the future. That’s not hyperbolic either, it’s the truth. Okay its partially the truth, in reality more radical ideas presented between 75 and 120 years ago, which are now understood to be beneficial to a healthy society and thus have moved from being considered radical to being moderate ideas presented by left of liberal people have won the future – at least in the hearts and minds of Americans, too bad many of those American minds have been infected by a Conservative virus that distorts not only their reality but also how they interpret what it takes to mend that reality so they can live fuller and happier lives (whew that’s a mouth full). Progressives, have picked up these ideas and advocated them for so long, a newer generation now fed up with the obscene excesses of Capitalism which has not only tarnished their future but also wreaked havoc with their present; sees no other option but to advocate these positions in an attempt to make whole what has been broken. If you are interested in hearing about this topic please listen on, if not then move onto the next Episode segment.

Class War Battlefield Podcast Episode 2024.05.01
The Other Side of the Political Divide, The Democratic Leadership Council brings Neoliberalism to the United States
With Clips from Milken Institute, Clinton School Speaks, Clinton Center Youtube Channel, All things Springsteen, C-SPAN Website, Houston Institute Youtube Channel, EconTalk, Crash Course, Free to Choose Network, Institute for New Economic Thinking Facebook Page, LibertyPen, Three Minute Theory, Clinton Library Youtube Channel, Politics 101 and Oskar
I didn’t start off with the idea Episode 2024.05 would be longer than one Episode, while researcher audio clips for what turned out to be the first segment in the episode I listened to a speech by the Democratic Leadership Council founder Al From, this led me to discover a whole history that has been ignored by Progressives, Liberals and the media in general; turns out the Democratic Leadership Council is important to understanding the rightward shift of America’s politics. Obviously the founder and most members within its structure would disagree with this interpretation in the role they played during their 20 year run, but I think their record speaks for itself; more I believe the lack of serious scholarship studying their inner workings, their impact on the political and societal environment, as well as the people who operated the organization, funded it and propelled it forward during its formative years and beyond; speaks volumes about their true impact. Yes Neoconservatism is the most brash, outspoken and aggressive agenda shoving political philosophy created during the United States historical run therefore it receives tons of money to rip its countermovement actors and actresses open for the public to see; but the Neoliberal policies pushed equally by the Democratic Leadership Council, most specifically by its Presidents (Bill Clinton and Barak Obama), were in fact promoted by the DLC through its surrogates, these policies did as much if not more damage than the Culturally crippling policies promoted by the right flank of this political counterrevolution. For this reason the DLC music receive its proper placement in the history books which can only be done by thoroughly studying its processes, its original funders and the people who helped it’s politics move across the country. This episode is about my reaction to discovering a treasure trove of information about the DLC.
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Music Used in the opening, Curtis Mayfield’s Think, Brandy’s The Definition and Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues or Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Really Care About Us. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me at

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Link to the Complete History of Rome Series by Michael Duncan -
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